Proper diet is the key to health.

Ayurveda considers health to be proper food intake, digestion, and elimination. Therefore, if the diet intake is proper, it further enables proper digestion and also proper elimination. Ayurveda instructs on which foods are best for what kind of body constitution. For example, a Kapha constitution person should not have too much oily and heavy foods however a Vata predominant person will benefit from these two types of foods.

Ayurveda further instructs about the proper pairing of foods – improper food combinations include, fruit and milk, milk and honey, milk and fish, etc.

Anything ingested in the body is processed in the Agni (digestive fire). Another important difference is that Agni’s basic nature is to convert and consume, a process that never stops. When no food is available to convert, Agni digests the oily and liquid substances of pitta and Kapha doshas, which brings in the concept of fasting. Proper fasting is also recommended in order to eliminate toxins from an afflicted body.

Eating according to the season is also recommended in the Ayurvedic diet. Charaka, one of the fathers of Ayurveda, states that food should not be eaten until the previous meal’s waste has been eliminated from the body. He gives specific instructions on what to avoid in what condition in order to help the body heal itself. Therefore, consulting a trained Ayurvedic practitioner for a proper diet is essential for your health. Book your appointment today at The OC Ayurveda!




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