What is Shirodhara?

SHIRODHARA is an ancient Indian Science treatment of pouring a continuous stream of warm, herbal infused oil onto the third eye or forehead that runs over the back of the head.

It is derived from two Sanskrit words “SHIRO” means head or third eye region or Ajna chakra is said to be the seat of the human consciousness and “DHARA” means a continuous flow, so Shirodhara means a continuous flow of herbal oil on the forehead

The pressure of oil or milk onto forehead creates a vibration, the medications used to make the oil or milk has a special effect on the mind and the body. It relaxes the wandering mind while it rejuvenates the overworked scalp. The continuous flow of the warm fluid rids the built-up toxins, relieving stress, and relaxing the nervous system.

The Benefits

The Benefits of Shirodhara are tremendous, along with benefits, it helps eradicate the following from the root cause, providing relief and eliminating suffering.

Counteracts the effects of stress: Shirodhara is the ideal treatment for reducing high levels of mental stress. It induces calmness, promotes tranquillity, and facilitates relaxation.

Insomnia or sleep disorder: Shirodhara is traditionally known for its ability to induce sleep, and reduce Hypertension, Depression, racing mind. It helps in relaxing the mind and body to obtain a deep, refreshing slumber for those who suffer from insomnia.

Reduce anxiety: This therapy helps increase energy in the mind and body and make people feel energetic and more active. It has a positive effect on your mood and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Sinus Problem: Inflamed sinuses are treated with this therapy reducing irritation, congestion, swelling, associated headaches, frequent sneezing, frequent sinusitis, and infections.

Reduces migraine & headaches: The pouring of the warm herbal oils over the forehead and onto the scalp reduces chronic headaches and migraines. It also helps maintain a relaxed mind and inducing good sleep and preventing migraine attacks. The symptoms associated with the headaches are eliminated as the pain is uprooted from its core.

Reduce hair loss: The flow of oil on the scalp will nourish the hair follicles curing hair loss. Regular use of oil on the scalp can make your hair follicles stronger and promote new hair growth.

One feels deeply relaxed and rejuvenated after the Shirodhara treatment

It is more than 3000 years old time-tested technique to improve the quality of life


A pot, with the hole and a yarn wick, fitted to it, would be hung over the forehead of the patient lying on the treatment table. The medicated liquid, which may be medicated oil or milk, would pour into the pot and would be gradually trickled onto the forehead. During the procedure, oil is caressed over the forehead through the thirteen steps for a timeframe of 45 minutes in an extremely undisturbed environment. A band would be tied or a rolled towel is placed on the forehead to prevent the oil from dripping into the eyes of the client. The Dhara is followed by a soothing head massage before the therapy concludes.

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