Meet Our Practitioner

Ayurveda is the art of life, the technique to be grounded, and the means to be uplifted.

My quest for the origin of medicine brought me to the doors of Ayurveda. To submerge myself in the teachings of this ancient practice of medicine, I spent five and a half years earning a Doctorate degree in Ayurveda including a rigorous internship in India. Upon returning from India, I began my private practice in Laguna Beach, CA. My practice continues to enhance me with the skills of an ancient Vaidya. I am honored to practice such a time tested science serving the community.

As I practice Ayurveda in the west, I am continuously realizing Ayurveda’s great potential to heal and serve as a modality for the most complex diseases. I hope to eradicate sufferings in the body and mind by healing the body and the mind while uplifting the spirit. 

As a practitioner today, I feel blessed to be bringing the cures that the human race is overlooking. All credit goes to my ultimate teachers, the Vaidyas of current times whose grace shone a divine light upon me enabling me to practice this ancient medicine.

My Guru, His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, continues to guide me enabling me to be a vessel to heal and eradicate misery. His dictum of ‘self-awareness to global peace’ always inspires to me to practice the ultimate peace giving Brahm Gyan (divine knowledge) meditation therefore sprinkling peace from the inner realm to the outside world.

Heena Kapoor
Ayurveda Practitioner