Meet Our Practitioner

In the realm of Ayurveda, I don’t just practice; I engage in an art, a grounding technique, and a transformative pathway to upliftment.

My journey into the essence of medicine guided me to the profound wisdom of Ayurveda. Devoting five and a half years to the immersive study of this ancient healing art, I earned a Doctorate in Ayurveda, undertaking a profound internship in India. This transformative odyssey led me back to the shores of Laguna Beach, CA, where I established my private practice. Each day, my practice bestows upon me the richness of ancient Vaidya wisdom, a privilege I hold dear as I apply this time-honored science for the community’s well-being.

In the western world, where Ayurveda meets contemporary health challenges, I consistently unveil its remarkable potential for healing, especially in navigating complex diseases. My mission is rooted in alleviating suffering within the body and mind, with an overarching aim to uplift the spirit.

As a modern practitioner, I feel blessed to bring forth remedies that may go unnoticed by conventional approaches. The credit for this knowledge goes to my ultimate teachers—the contemporary Vaidyas—whose grace illuminated my path, allowing me to practice this ancient form of medicine.

My Guru, His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, remains my guiding force, empowering me to be a conduit for healing and the eradication of suffering. His profound mantra, ‘self-awareness to global peace,’ fuels my commitment to practicing Brahm Gyan (divine knowledge) meditation—a wellspring of inner peace that emanates outward, contributing to peace in the broader world.

Heena Kapoor
Ayurveda Practitioner

Meet Lenka Monasterska, a dedicated professional with a multifaceted skill set, weaving care and expertise into her journey.

Lenka’s compassionate nature finds expression in her roles as a nurse attendant and caregiver, where she provided nurturing care and support to those in need. As a skilled massage therapist, Lenka specializes in a range of techniques, including Relaxation (Swedish), Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, cupping, aroma therapy, fascia gun, and Lymphatic Drainage. Her hands are attuned to the art of healing touch.

Lenka’s expertise extends to Ayurvedic practices, where she performs therapeutic treatments such as abhyanga, basti, shirodhara, shiroabhyanga, karnapoorna, and nasya. Her holistic approach blends ancient wisdom with modern care.

Fluent in native Polish, English, and Slovakian, Lenka effortlessly bridges linguistic gaps, ensuring effective communication and understanding with her diverse clientele.

Beyond the physical, Lenka embraces the mental and spiritual realms. Meditation is not just a practice for her; it’s a journey inward, enhancing her ability to bring tranquility to others.

Outside the healing space, Lenka is an avid explorer of the outdoors. Hiking, biking, swimming, and roller skating are not just activities but gateways to vitality and well-being for her.

Lenka Monasterska, a harmonious blend of caring therapist, and adventurer, brings a unique and holistic approach to the art of healing and well-being.

Lenka Monasterska
Ayurveda Therapist