Pinda Sweda

                Safe natural therapy to heal illness and improve well-being




What is Patra-Pinda-Sweda?

PATRA means Leaves of medicinal plants, PINDA means a Bolus, SWEDA means Fomentation or Sudation.

Potli Massage therapy is one of the most popular massage therapies practiced in Ayurveda and this therapy is performed using heated herbal pouches which are also known as POTLIS.

A Potli (sack filled with herbs) is heated and applied to the painful area. It induces perspiration and enables relaxation deep down to the tissue level. It is a non-invasive, green, application that provides relief to acute and chronic muscle, joint, or tendon related problems.


It Strengthens and rejuvenates the back and spine, strengthens the dhatu shakti (tissue strength and integrity), Increases circulation, strengthen the joints and soft tissues, removes dirt and unwanted tissues, provides color and completion to the skin, induces good sleep in addition to reducing pain, stiffness and inflammation.



  • Cures Arthritis
  • Cures low backache due to variation causes
  • Effective in the treatment of peripheral neuritis
  • Effective in disorders due to degeneration of bone




PROCESS of Potli Message or Patra-Pinda-Sweda

The therapist first determined the herbs that should be used in the massage, depending upon the condition that needs to be remedied and the patient’s specific body makeup. The herbs used in this Ayurvedic massage have various health benefits.

The Herbal contents of the Potli are either heated or roasted for a few minutes and then are placed in the sack which is made from Muslin Cloth or unbleached cotton. Then with the hot oil, Heat is applied to the affected area by using this Heated herbal pack or Potli.

Each session takes about 30-45 mins. Followed by local massage of the region as well as the application of local steam. The steam further derives the heat and the oil deep down to the tissue level providing the nourishment that has been depleted. A professional practitioner knows exactly which marma points to target during this massage and the right amount of pressure to be applied.




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